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If the smell of fresh bread out of the oven now "you do it", if you like people and enjoy hosting them, and not afraid to work hard, financially capable and motivated to succeed in the business opportunity may "associate" just for you. You'll get us all the guidance and support to do so in a big way. We colleague "believe that the success of the franchisee is the network's success and do everything for it.

Want to know more? Let's sit over coffee and cake, a Fellow of course!


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The company "Fellow" is a family company founded in 1989 by two brothers, Ronnie and Bernard financing. Further from their Rooney and Bernard carved Diglm the desire for excellence in the field of baking which is reflected in the use of quality raw materials, advanced technology and high level kashrut.

Colleague "Advanced enterprise spread over an area of ​​12,000 square meters in Barkan, a factory in the industrial area forward and another plant in Venezuela. Plants run company at the highest level, where the production process and quality control is conducted according to international standards -" ISO-9001 ".

Products "Fellow" marketed in 22 countries spread over five continents around the world. Israel Goods "Fellow" marketed to over 400 bakeries across the country from Eilat to Matola.

To provide customers with the best experience possible, keep the quality of the products baked and served customers in branches and level of customer service, the company decided to build houses of baked goods bearing the brand name. Only stores the company can keep the apartment in the most appropriate locations, bakery design, equipment that will allow proper baking, right mix of products, attractive prices and generous service. Alongside the establishment of company-owned stores also decided to set up branches in by franchisees.


Bakery concept of "associate"

- Shop area 100 sqm.

- Location on the main road or neighborhood commercial center.

- Instead of baking experience all day.

- A rich variety of breads, rolls, pastries and cakes.

- A café with a menu of sandwiches and pastries, along with gourmet coffee.

- Catering menu for private and business customers.

- Attractive prices and exclusive promotions.


What do we offer?

- Professional training - Theory baking.

- Management training - management, sales, human resources.

- Location to location pastry.

- Assist in testing economic viability of the branch.

- Assistance in negotiations with property owners.

- Management: Experience in pastry shops.

- Architect's support network construction planning and development.

- Smart procurement of professional equipment.

- Assistance in obtaining a business license.

- Preferential trade agreements.

- Ongoing monitoring and support.

- Control the quality of products and service.

- Support and marketing assistance.

Benefits of being a franchisee of "associate":

- Join an established company with extensive experience in the field.

- Extensive training to franchisees even without any experience in the field.

- Concept and proven retail ready.

- Support in the initial stages and ongoing support.

- Attractive purchase prices.

- Economies of scale in marketing.

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